The Flow Community

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The Flow Community is a private professional space dedicated to those people who have a passion for improving all aspects of an Enterprise. 

Gain new skills and find new opportunities

Advance Your Career

Did you know?

Flow practitioners stand out from the crowd because of their unique total business agile skills which are not confined to the crowded IT agile methodology space.

and what's More.

Part of the private members area allows companies to search for available Flow practitioners and for them to showcase their availability.


If That wasn't enough.

Flow-Pedia is an ever-improving body of knowledge. Updated by Haydn & Fin based on our client assignments but also by Flow experts from around the world.

From Business Operating Remodelling to New Ways of Working...



Body of knowledge

Based entirely on practical experience and real-world examples, there isn’t anything available like this anywhere in the public domain.


Community based

Flow-pedia is peer reviewed by the Flow Community but is also constantly updated for free. No new versions every year costing more money to use!


Game changing

Quite literally game changing because no one has ever document business agility in this way. From new business models to product delivery.

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